New site launched shortly . . .

By , December 27, 2012 12:33 am

Weird and WOW is getting a face lift



Weird and WOW is currently getting a makeover and face lift.


We are working behind the scenes to bring you a new site that better reflects Weird and WOW’s vision our StartUP’s  future.


Watch this space  . . . .





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International Women’s Day

By , March 16, 2012 9:04 am

8th March – International Woman’s Day – celebrated since 1911 and globally celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past, present and future.

I know this is a little late . . . but every day could be woman’s day :-D

Now I must admit that I hadn’t actually even noticed this day until I went to Vietnam to live.

They celebrate by giving flowers to their partners, teachers . . .

In Hanoi the streets become overflowing with flowers, everyone seems to be selling flowers on this day, so if you are a man, there’s no excuse not to pick up some flowers.

To all the women out there, celebrate your life today and every day – be grateful for all our blessings Xxxxx

Chúc mừng ngày Quốc tế Phụ nữ…….

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Japanese Valentines Day

By , February 20, 2012 3:28 pm


A word of warning . . .

as a girl . . .
. . . . . . . . . .never go to Japan for Valentines day . .. . . .

believe it or not . .. .

it is the girl who GIVES the chocolate to the guy . . . .

it just doesn’t seem right to me !

BUT the good news is girlfriends buy chocolates for each other so that is nice !!

It is pay back for the boys a month later on the 14th of March when the BOYS give chocolates and cakes to the GIRLS – so all is good :-D

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Happy New Year – Vietnam

By , January 23, 2012 4:18 pm


Tet – is New Year in Vietnam

Chuc Mung Nam Moi !!

Kumquat trees on the move ! An important feature in every home as each little fruit represents gold - This guy has a massive trees on his bike . .. I am not sure what is worse ?? 1. that he has 2 very big heavy kumquat trees on board or 2. that he can't see ??

This New Year Festival is the most important and popular of all festivals. 

Tet is its shortened name for Tet Nguyen Dan, which means Feast for the 1st morning. 

It’s exact origins are not known but artifacts suggest that it has been celebrated since at least 500 BC.

Tet celebrates the first day of spring !




Happy New Year 2010 !




Tet is divided into 3 parts:

1.  Before New Year’s Eve

2.  New Year’s Eve and 1st Day

3.  The New Year.

Because it is the lunar calendar and not the solar calendar (that January, February, March etc belong to); New Year can fall on anywhere between the last 10 days of January and in the first 20 days of February and is different each year.


National festivals are very important part of Vietnamese life.

For Tet even those living overseas hold these in their heart and wish to be home for them, if not they celebrate with the Vietnamese community in their area.

Eager family members crowd the exit of the airport arrivals waiting for the first glimpse of their loved ones when masses of Vietnamese arrive home to celebrate TET or Vietnam New Year !


A lot of pressure is given to family members who are living away to return home and celebrate Tet with family and relatives, even if that means coming half way around the world.

Going to the airport in the weeks before Tet is a cultural experience all of its own as it is busy with excited family holding bunches of flowers waiting for their loved ones to return.

If we are looking for something to compare it to in the Western world, that would be a combination of Christmas, New Year, Easter and everyone’s birthday all at one time.

The common thread is that families get together like a big family and everyone normally eats and drinks way too much.


Before New Year

Special Tet votives for the Kitchen God.

One or two weeks before the actual celebration starts, things start happening; and you can feel it in the air and the pace of life is accelerated.

There is a lot of hustle bustle out on the streets, shops and markets are flat out with streams of customers, forests of kumquat trees start moving on the back of motorbikes, new shops spring up selling Tet items,  people are busy stocking up on special foods, new clothes to wear for the children, and decorations for their houses.

One should return all borrowed items and pay any outstanding debts, it is important to be debt-free before Tet.

Forests appear on the side of the roads selling Kumquat and bonsai trees, peach blossoms, also trinkets and potted flowers.

Public performances are held in the streets, special festival celebrations for children are held at Temples where dragon dances are performed, children have concerts and small gifts are given out to everyone.

Traffic becomes even more manic than usual (if that is possible), everyone is in a hurry to get all list items ticked off.  In the coming days all the shops are closed so people must stock up on essential and celebration items.

At home everything has to be thoroughly cleaned especially the family alter as paying respects to their ancestors is an important event and new offerings must be placed there.


Kitchen God

As a brief overview the Kitchen God actually represents a group of three, one goddess and two gods.  The group leave together on the 23rd on a carp and return to the house with the New Year.

On the 23rd day of the 12th calendar month the Kitchen God will return back to heaven, when he arrives he will report to the Jade Emperor informing him of activities and events of the past year for every person in the household.

The Kitchen God’s pending departure date is celebrated with a ceremony where food and items are offered for him to use on his journey.  It is a good opportunity to get into the Kitchen God’s good-books with a delicious farewell dinner, gifts of paper caps, boots, and gowns, and a live carp which will transport the Gods to heaven.  After the ceremony the carp must be released into a river.

Before New Year’s Eve arrives the house becomes a hive of activity preparing numerous items of special Tet foods.  One speciality essential is Banh Chung (round symbolizes the sky) and Banh Day (square symbolizes the earth) which are sticky rice cakes.

When I say cake, please don’t think it will be sweet, like one with icing.  This cake just means the shape of a cake and it is filled with mung bean paste, lean and fatty pork; and black pepper.  All of that is wrapped up with Dong or banana leaves; and said to be absolutely delicious.



New Year’s Eve + Day

The first day of Tet is reserved for the immediate family, grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins and second cousins.


During Tet all actions are made with good intentions, as those days is what shapes the coming year.

So one doesn’t cause trouble or use bad language, even mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws get on, husbands and wives sign a peace treaty for at least a few days; and children try to be on their best behaviour.

On the first day of Tet is not the day you go randomly visiting friends as they believe the first person who comes to their home in the New Year determines their fortune for the whole year.  It is extended for the whole day as if good things happen on the first day of the Lunar New Year the whole year will be full of blessings.

Usually children wear their new clothes, give Tet greetings to the elders and grandparents and they in return give the children a red envelope that contains money.

Taboo behaviour includes sweeping anything of any kind as that symbolizes sweeping the good luck away.  Also if anyone has recently lost a member of their family they should not visit anyone else over Tet.


Days following New Year

The 2nd day is reserved for friends, the 3rd for teachers, but this is not strictly followed.  It is a time to catch up with friends and relatives; and eat and drink too much, sleep and generally spend time with family.

Local temples are popular spots to give donations and get your fortune told.




Tet trees + plants

Racing this time . . . . . Tet Kumquat tree late for delivery (pre 2007 helmet law).

If you live in Hanoi, an absolute minimum Tet item that you need, is a kumquat tree in your living room.  This tree is very symbolic to Tet.  If you rent a house there, it is very common that the landlord will give you one.

The kumquat tree symbolizes gold, wealth, unity and perfection.  So the selection on each tree purchased is not taken lightly.  Each tree comes fully laden with hundreds of mandarins (tiny oranges) which symbolize the blessings the family hopes for the coming year.
The peach blossom is considered the most auspicious flowers of all as it produces a peach which is a symbol of long life.  It also has magical powers so is the strongest defence one has against anything evil.

Other plants of great significance are the bonsai; chrysanthemum and marigold as they too symbolize longevity.


Tet Words

Learn to say Chuc Mung Nam Moi.

The best words to learn is Chuc Mung Nam Moi = Happy New Year !!


Chuc – as in chook

Mung – it is indescribable as not the way we pronounce anything in English, but like moon, but not.

Nam – come with a N (nome)

Moi – toy with a M (moy)


Vietnamese will appreciate it if you learn this phrase.  It is simple and once you learn it I would say it to everyone you come in contact with.



Tet and Business -

Existing Business

I f you are working in Vietnam before Tet it is a time to show appreciation for those who help you in business.

If you are business in Vietnam ensure you personally distribute Tet gift baskets to your clients.

The preparation of gift baskets is a huge industry around that time of year, which can be as simple as a box of biscuits to a massive cane basket including expensive wines, local or imported alcohol, tea, sweets, coffee, cigarettes, biscuits etc.

Tet supplies, fruit, gift basket and alcohol.

Literally thousands of these gift baskets are personally delivered and given to business clients, contractors etc in the weeks leading up to Tet.  If you are in business in Vietnam ensure that you follow this tradition.

For staff, it is bonus time !!  Yaaaa !!  By law this has to be done.  The Vietnamese annual income is actually calculated as 14 months.  The bonus of Tet is either the full two month’s salary or one month and the other portion is given at another time of the year.


New Business

A beautiful fruit filled with good blessings for the coming year.


It is about the only time when everything comes to a standstill in Vietnam.

That includes commercial activity of almost every kind.

So if you are planning a business trip there, don’t bother in the weeks leading up to Tet or the week after as it will be fruitless.



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Move aside I am coming through . . .

By , January 1, 2012 2:42 pm

Today is New Years Day !!

Step aside ~ I am coming through !!

Let’s just say I soooooooooo pleased that 2011 is done with

.. .  . it was a year of great things and great challenges !!


So 2012 is the year it is all going to happen, when I say  . . . .

Move aside, I am coming through !!!

I mean it, if you don’t get me or Weird and WOW – move along !!

As I don’t really care what you don’t like about ME, Weird and WOW or my BIZ plan !!


I want to be with people who do:

*  get ME !!

*  LOVE Weird and WOW

*  and want to be part of the success of Weird and WOW !!


2012 – Whaaa Hooo !

Expect great things !!

That is my oath to you and the world as we deserve Weird and WOW and we are ready to launch !




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7 August 2011

By , August 26, 2011 12:39 am


Hi there darlings !

Today is a very BIG day !! and a new day!!  . . . of course, I hear you say !  But for me today is a new day in my life’s journey.


It’s a BIG day because I am loading my first home made video out to the masses !!  eeeekkk whaaa hooo  !  For anyone who knows the movie Tangled – I am like Rupunzel – soooo happy to be out of her tower but so scared at the same time !! – it is all so good !


I have had some stunning ideas and today is the day when they get put into action.


Last weekend I attended Rock Your Business in KL

- this has sparked so many seriously fantastic ideas

- I have got to meet fantastic like-minded people,

- I have joined projects that I could only dream of before

and learnt heaps from the sages and other participants !!

Expect some changes in this girl and website in the next few days !! Whaaa Hoooo !!

Catch you soon

Christina :-D

ps: once I work out how to link these files better and my facebook page/photos here they will appear. . . until then just use your imagination !

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You must take this . . .

By , August 26, 2011 12:29 am


When you are heading to a new exciting country, the most important thing I suggest you take is . .  .


. . . your open mind !


By taking this your travel experiences will shift to new heights and you will really discover a new town or country with new eyes.


It doesn’t matter how we do things at home, as when we get back home we can do them again, but for now we get the opportunity to see things in a different way . . .


maybe – just maybe . . .  it might be better than at home !!


Until you see with an open mind you will never discover any of these gems.

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By , August 25, 2011 11:15 pm

This is something very few people are accustomed to, outside of Asia.


As a general unwritten rule tourists usually attempt to bargain 40 to 50% off the original asking price.


When you are hot and bothered it can really wear you down, so if you pay a price you are happy with, that’s good. Once you have purchased don’t check prices elsewhere as it could result in tears and bad feelings.


To know and be able to speak the numbers in any country makes bargaining more powerful, but even having the numbers punched on the calculator or scribbled on a piece of paper is also effective. If the seller still won’t budge then it could be a fair price or they’re playing the bargaining game.

Say or write what you will pay, and then be prepared to walk away.


Sometimes haggling over 2,000 Vietnamese Dong seems like something important, as it easy to get confused with the money as everything is in thousands, but as the example, it could be only10 cents you are haggling over, I know it seems important at the time, but really is worth it?

It’s best to check out the prices first at other shops, work out what you want to pay, and then stick to that amount.

Yes, I know in some countries the local vendor just think we are walking ATM machine, which can get a bit frustrating at times, but always be friendly and having a bit of fun while bargaining will make purchasing a much more enjoyable experience for all concerned.

For us, this is holiday antics but for the local this is their daily income so of course they get a bit excited to see an ATM come their way :-D


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By , September 4, 2009 12:18 pm


I have just had a HUGE  a-ha moment !!


In the last 3 weeks I have finally worked out fundamentally why I haven’t been able to get funding and why no-one gets me or my ideas.


OK I have needed to improve myself and my idea greatly but the REAL REASON is:


 I have been trying to play golf on a football field !!


Of course no one wanted to play with me . . . it was embarrassing and what would the others say ??


You see I now know I am a Social Entrepreneur and have a Social Enterprise not just a normal business – aaaaarrrhh !!


At last everything makes sense !!



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